Build and Bake Ltd


We’re a boutique bakery based in Leicestershire with an obsession for mouth-watering, gooey brownies! Since we are fanatical about the gym the normal brownies just wouldn’t d cut the mustard, they were high in sugar, calories & fats – Not a macro counters best friend. Matt, our owner and Chief Baker felt something had to be done about this, after countless hours, lots of mess and one now heavier friend later, he cracked it, and the Build and Bake brownie was born. The secret? Sweet potato! The challenge was complete… a macro friendly, high protein, low calorie brownie – And our ‘builders’ love our bakes!

Our brownie flavours switch up every single month and are delivered direct to your door, so you can indulge yourself in a sweet culinary delight as a post workout treat!”

  • Health and Hygiene rating: 5