Jelley's Organic Vodka

Here at Jelley’s distillery, Vodka is in the blood, not literally, but it’s always been there, father imported and exported Vodka and was considered to be quite the connoisseur during the time when barriers were being broken down and to countries where Vodka is considered a national drink he would talk about the different varieties and subtle flavourings and tones and how a great Vodka should taste, it left a lasting impression and one that would not be forgotten!!

Having gained a degree in interior design Benjamin began to forge a successful career in branding and design, although the creative in him was always searching for something more and Vodka was never far from his mind.

Remembering the stories and words of his father he began to research and put together the idea of his own brand of Vodka , in 2015 Jelleys Distillery was born and with that came the first award winning taste sensation Jelleys Premium British Elderflower Vodka, winner of the HotCrafts, Taste and Carlsberg new drinks awards

Jelley Distilleries, based in Brixworth, Northamptonshire, is now 100 per cent organic, Soil Association-accredited.

Founder Benjamin Jelley said: “We know people care more than ever before about the provenance and environmental credentials of what they are drinking. It has been the target for a while now to produce a range of truly organic vodkas.

“This new range is going to break the mould. We’ve really focused on sustainability and traceability to produce a vodka that is as good for the planet as it is for the soul.

“Using premium, organically-grown grain, we lovingly distil and filter our award-winning vodka to maximise the natural, fresh flavours of the English countryside.”

The range starts with an ‘original’ grain vodka and will also feature an organic pomegranate and rosemary vodka and an organic elderflower vodka. The drinks are all 40 per cent ABV.

Contact details

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