Nature's Pantry


Emma and Matthew came up with the concept of Nature’s Pantry one Friday night over four years ago. They wanted fast food that was real and wholesome. Cooking classes to show children real food is just as tasty (we believe tastier) as processed food. Toys that were both made thinking of the environment (so no plastic there!) and educational but of course still lots of fun! Nature’s Pantry is truly a unique concept for one shop.

The Deli – Our wish is to make healthy fast food to suit today’s lifestyle and dietary requirements. Using fresh natural ingredients, cutting sugars where possible and never adding any ‘nasties’

The Toy Shop – The toys we stock are all sustainably made with some also being fair trade. The majority are wooden toys with some board games that are made from recycled material.

The Cooking Classes – Upstairs we have a cooking class room where we teach children how to cook. Birthday cooking parties are also held upstairs on the weekends

Contact details

3 Church Street Market HarboroughMarket Harborough,LE16 7AA Show Phone Number *****