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Godfrey has been a fan of cooking and food for a long time but really became more aware when River Cottage started in 1999 and really made us look at food in a totally different way including where it came from, how it was looked after and processed. He signed up to a ‘pig in a day’ course and soon realised supporting local British farmers and producers was the way forward.

Godfrey was keen to enhance his own cookery skills so signed up for a 4 day cookery course at River Cottage and realised from the chefs just how important buying British and local really was. Godfrey was invited by Gelf Alderson executive head chef River Cottage to spend a day in the River Cottage HQ kitchen and now goes back as often as he can on a voluntary basis to learn more skills, understand about food waste, the importance of seasonal produce and the welfare of the meats that are available plus at the same time became very good friends with the chefs and course tutors including Steve Lamb the curing and dairy expert.. Godfrey has since found out that one of his followers on Instagram were instrumental in Hugh venturing into farming and helped with the River Cottage cookbook and the Meat Book they also helped and advised certain celebrities who have taken up farming the correct way. they now follow Godfrey and like his posts which is an accolade in itself to what he is trying to achieve.
Godfrey has taken his new skills on board and has started a food business – Shires Country Kitchen – making hummus, dips and pestos. Godfrey is currently working on a range of seasonal cordials for the future. His local area was slightly behind the national food scene but is now flourishing and Godfrey is overjoyed to be a part of it.

Godfrey and Shires Country Kitchen will be at various food events throughout the year and is available to give to talks on his time at River Cottage HQ Kitchen, food provenance including false labelling, cookery demos and in the future holding cookery classes maybe. Godfrey would also be interested in offering an extra pair of hands in the kitchen if help was needed.

Godfrey is also a member of Taste Harborough and is a local supporter for Love British Food.

  • Health and Hygiene rating : 5
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