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In the beginning Langton Brewery started at the back of the Bell Inn, East Langton in 1999. Originally, the brewery only intended to supply the pub and the local cricket club over the road. However, people started to really enjoy drinking the beer, and the team rather enjoyed crafting it. Especially after the head brewer came up with a little recipe called Inclined Plane. So it was decided to up production and move Langton Brewery to the idyllic Grange farm at Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire in 2005.

We are now in the middle of our journey and the popularity of our beers continues to grow. We have modernised our brand, bought new kit, lots more casks and are employing more folk like us. We are supplying local outlets, pubs, restaurants, hotels and farm shops. You name it and we’ll get the beer there.

No end – we are excited about the challenge of making new interesting and innovative beers. We’re striving to brew beers in all sorts of ways for all walks of life. Who knows where the future could take us? As long as we stick to our local values and we’re continuing to make great quality hand-crafted beer, we are happy.

At the end of the day we are a team and together, staying true to our roots, we are on an exciting journey.


At Langton Brewery we strive to produce the best quality handcrafted beer. What is craft beer you may ask? To us, producing craft beer is about having a direct influence and control over all the ingredients throughout our brewery process. We have minimal automation at our brewery. Each day our brewers handle, smell and taste our raw ingredients. Our team are physically shifting and lifting all day. We want to be close to our process to influence it in all the right ways. Whether it’s cask, bottle, can or keg. We strive to produce all our beer to a standard we ourselves are proud of.

We are a small independent business. No one else influences the beers we brew. We only craft beers we want to brew and like to drink. So what is craft beer? We think you will know it when you see it.

  • Health and Hygiene rating: 5
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