The Bottle Kicking Cider Company


Making our cider

As small scale, craft cider makers, we are able to select the finest apples to make what we believe is a great tasting drink.

In autumn, our cider apples are hand picked from an orchard in Gloucestershire, delivered to Hallaton, and pressed within 48 hours. High in tannin, the juice we extract is big in flavour, giving depth and complexity in the final blend. Our Leicestershire apples are naturally more acidic, giving a sharpness that beautifully balances the finished brew.

The apples are washed, milled and pressed as soon as they arrive at the farm. The juice is then left to slowly ferment in a carefully controlled environment.

Whilst the apples contain natural yeasts, we also use a champagne yeast to enhance the process.

We allow all the natural sugars present in the juice to turn to alcohol, and we are left with a dry, draught cider. We do not add any sugar during fermentation to increase alcohol production – we just let Mother Nature run her course.

The cider sits on the residual yeast for a short time before we “rack off” into large airtight containers, to ensure the cider maintains its freshness. It is then left to mature and develop gradually over the cold winter months.

In Spring we blend our base cider into our range of draught ciders for your enjoyment, just as nature intended.

  • Health and Hygiene rating : 5
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