1. Taste Harborough is a cooperative and is specifically restricted to carry on the business as a cooperative with the following objects:
    a) To provide services which promote and support the members.
    b) To raise awareness of Harborough area produce among local people, visitors to the area and local businesses.
    c) The membership will be restricted to food and drink businesses which meet the Taste Harborough criteria and pay the annual joining fee – details may change over time but are set out in the membership booklet.
  2. All accepted members will become members of the Taste Harborough Cooperative.
    As a member, you agree that:
    a) In accordance with the cooperative principle of democratic member control, each member shall have one vote on any question to be decided in general meetings.
    b) All members agree to attend general meetings and take an active interest in the operation and development of Taste Harborough and its business.
    c) All members will adhere to the objects and aims of Taste Harborough.
  3. You agree that Taste Harborough may record, store and use information and materials you have posted, transmitted, sent or communicated on its website or application forms.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any application for membership if we consider that the applicant does not meet the standards required of members, as set out in the membership criteria, terms and conditions or in any other document published for that purpose by Taste Harborough. The decision of Taste
    Harborough will be final.
  5.  We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member if we consider that the member has failed to comply with, or maintain the standards required of members as set out in the membership criteria, terms and conditions or in any other document published for that purpose by Taste Harborough. The decision of Taste Harborough will be final. In the event of terminating the membership on these grounds, notice of termination will be given to the member and all benefits will immediately cease, but there shall be no entitlement to a refund of any sums paid by that member.
  6. If an application for membership is refused, or membership is cancelled, Taste Harborough accepts no liability whatsoever for any alleged loss which may result.
  7. In granting membership, Taste Harborough reserves the right to require any member to alter, remove or cease any form of sales production and sale of goods associated in any way with Taste Harborough that contravenes any current relevant legislation or brings, or is likely to bring Taste Harborough into disrepute.
  8. All intellectual property rights on and relating to the site and in the logos, including trademarks, trade names or other signs, vest in Taste Harborough.
  9. All marketing and other materials bearing the Taste Harborough name or logo must only be used in accordance with the Taste Harborough guidelines. On termination of membership, the licence granted to the member of Taste Harborough to use its logo, marketing information or any other material of any description (“the materials”) is immediately terminated and the materials must, at its option, either be returned to Taste Harborough or destroyed.
  10. Any member is entirely responsible for the accuracy of all information included on the site concerning that member. Information provided will be available to members of the public.
  11. However, Taste Harborough reserves the right to reject, edit or remove at any time any information which Taste Harborough, in its absolute discretion, considers is unsuitable for any reason whatsoever.
  12. Taste Harborough will review each member application before approval of their application and at any time in the future.
  13. Membership will be conditional upon the payment in full of the required annual subscription based on the agreed payment category.
  14. Taste Harborough reserves the right to verify the stated turnover/’full time employed’ numbers of a member business.